We’d like to interpret Jujujolly, because the story of Jujujolly is very true. When we tell you our story, you will find the whole essence of what we are doing now. Jujujolly is the heritage of the mother’s love.

Jessica Lau, the founder and CEO of Jujujolly was inspired by her experience in the childhood. For pursuit of her dream of being apparel designer, her mother resigned from the government sectors when she was 32 years old. She made a fresh start to learn designing, tailoring and sewing. In the every deep night, the low clatter of the old-fashioned sewing machine accompanied the little Jessica in her whole childhood. The Mother was not just passionate with apparel design, but what she was eager for is to bring the happiness to her little daughter but alone, and by means of sewing a beautiful dress for her.

As time flew, a bigger dream was rooted into Jessica’s heart. She wanted to find the true meanings of fashion and connect the fashion to love and life. In her fashion business, love is heritage and the core. Jessica defines Jujujolly as a fashion brand full of self confidence and happiness. And self-confidence and happiness evoke the powerful creativity and sustainability of the company.

Jujujolly’s business is booming and expanding every year, which includes developing fabric, designing, manufacturing and export trade.

We are seeking the opportunities to work with many kinds of retailers in North American markets. Our products mainly orientate towards the professional women at the age of 25-40, and our supply chain is built in the industrial area of the Yangtze River Delta.
To us, quality is key. Jujujolly brings fashion with high attention to quality to customers. The best products can not be gained by reduction of production cost.

We realize this truth and insist on not competing for the orders in the market with low price. We focus on some pioneering fashion design and style, take advantage of our own resources, and create a competitive platform which appeals to the fashion brands in global markets to join us.



Characterized with solidarity and innovation

Always responsible for the customers’ changing requirements

Every piece of clothing is artwork

Do even better than “the best”

Jessica   CEO

With 14 years’ experience of involvement into the foreign trade, she leads the execution of project, marketing strategy and designing graduated from China People University with Bachelor degree of Economics granted, majoring in Foreign Trade the founder of Jujujolly Jessica advocates Yoga, vegetarianism, painting, well being and eco lifestyle. Jujujolly is characterized as a fashionable ecologic system which is able to create the customers’ value.

Sara   COO

Graduated from Jinhua Normal University, majoring in business and administration As chief director, she is proficient in marketing and project connection. She’s now in charge of Strategy Execution cause she is clear thinking structure , acuity, confidence, as the soul of team.

Jason   CQO

As the top master of quality control, Jason is the member in enterprise strategy group who established the system of “High quality, Customer centered, Punctual delivery, Fair price” to built company competitive. He proficient in business thechnology and method, also down-to earth and fresh thinking.

Shailey   CDO

As the Chief Design Officer, Shailey is soul of the team. She in charge of establish the products line and developments, who leading the team has good communication with clients and marketing, she is good at Consumer Psychology and proficient in fashion trend.


Vision Statement:To be the world’s leading fashion brands incubation partner.

Mission Statement:Integrate fashion into life and build a sustainable fashion brand.

Concept Statement:Provide fashion resources and capabilities, and win-win cooperation with partners.