Project Description

Long Sleeved Shirt With Ribbon Design

  • Design: This shirt will only add to your temperament, and the flexible lotus leaf lace design on the chest can effectively break away from fatigue,Adding femininity, even standing there quietly without moving, can be very beautiful. Pair it with a trench coat, suit, or knitted long shirt for daily use,Paired with such a dynamic lotus leaf collar as an embellishment, it looks elegant and exquisite. The exquisite small round neck gives a sense of small formality,This neckline design gives the overall impression of being rigorous and exquisite. The fabric is fine and smooth, with a strong sense of drape and sufficient stiffness,White-collar beauties must use shirts for commuting, which is very worthwhile to get started.
  • Colour: Black/Khaki
  • MOQ: 100pcs